致内江师范学院外籍教师和留学生的一封信--A Letter to All International Teachers and Students of Neijiang Normal University
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Dear international teachers and students ,


How are you doing? Recently, the firm and effective prevention and control measures in China have yielded positive results. Since the launch of epidemic control and prevention, our university has taken a series of effective measures to contain epidemic transmission and make the battle against the epidemic as the foremost task. With the consorted efforts of all faculties and students, the prevention and control has so far been very successful. With the approval of the Educational Department of Sichuan Province, the university decides to organize Chinese senior students to return to the campus in batches in different time from May 18, but international teachers and students will not allowed to come back at present. The university will fully implement closed-off management system since then.


However, as the confirmed cases of COVID-19 is rising in some countries and regions outside China, the prevention and control situation is still grim recently. We are, as always, concerned about all international teachers and students especially those working or studying overseas now. In this special time, we would like to share with you the following prevention and control suggestions:


Be confident and keep calm


Please keep calm and do not panic, be optimistic and positive. Be confident that the battle against the disease will certainly be won, learn more about the disease, do not believe in rumors and do not spread rumors, do not slack or panic. We believe that we will win the battle with confidence and calmness.


Scientifically prevent & control and live a healthy life


We suggest that you follow the local epidemic situation, and actively cooperate with the respective local government in carrying out prevention and control measures. Learn more about the disease, enhance personal protection, maintain good personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, drink more water and change clothes more often. Keep the living environment clean and ventilate your room more. Try to avoid unnecessary outside activities and travelling, and make travel plans according to suggestions and requirement of local government. Avoid dinner parties and activities in crowded public places. Keep a healthy lifestyle, and enhance immunity and awareness of protection. If you have a fever, dry cough and other symptoms, stop your work or study, please seek medical treatment at the designated medical institution, and inform the medical personnel of your relevant contact history.


Continue your study and keep close contact


During the time of the epidemic, international teachers and students can spend more time on study and research.Wherever you are, please pay attention to the official information released by Chinese government and the university, safeguard the health and safety of family members and yourself. Please do not return to China, Neijiang and the campus until the university releases further information. Please keep frequent communication with family and university, pay attention to the information released by our university, and share your health, study and travel information. In case of emergency, contact with relevant local government and the university immediately.


We live in one world, share the same moon, and you are always with us. Wherever you are, please remember that Neijiang Normal University is always behind you. We are all expecting the day we can meet on campus when the epidemic is over and everything becomes normal. 




School of International Education

Neijiang Normal University

May 12, 2020


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